Festival 2009 – Ø / Island

Exhibition: Ø / Island by KEH-J, 2009
The first Doverodde Book Arts Festival took place May 8-10th, 2009 and hosted several events: an international themed exhibition: Ø / Island, a special exhibition with Danish artist Mogens Otto Nielsen, talks, workshops, demonstrations and stand areas where the artists could show, sell and discuss their work with visitors. The Reading Corner was established for visitors to browse through the Center's new small book arts collection and a Book Café – designed for the occasion by puppet maker and set designer Lena Hansen – was likewise introduced. Local wood sculptor from Mors, Tage Pedersen also delivered the permanent outdoors sculpture: Book Art.
Sculpture: Book Art by Tage Pedersen, photo KEH-J, 2009

Book Café by Lena Hansen, photo KEH-J, 2009
The Festival was opened by the guest of honour, Jytte Hilden, former Danish Minister of Cultural Affairs and cultural consultant at the Royal Library, Copenhagen and the chairman of the board of the Limfjordscentret, Arne Hyldal, accompanied by the music trio: Morgentau from Kassel, Germany.
Jytte Hilden by Karsten Bundgaard, 2009 
Arne Hyldal by Karsten Bundgaard, 2009

Karin Nikolaus, Centre Director & Liz Hempel-Jørgensen, Project Coordinator photo by Karsten Bundgaard, 2009.

Shop window display by Lena Hansen, 2009
In the afternoon Sarah Bodman from the University of West England, Bristol gave her talk: Artists’ Books Around the World in the 21st Century.
Sarah Bodman by KEH-J, 2009

Sarah Bodman
Talk: Artists’ Books Around the World in the 21st Century – Doverodde Book Arts Festival, Denmark, Friday 8th May 2009. View slideshow and download handout as PDF.

In the evening Peter Zeeberg, Ph.D. senior researcher at the Society of Danish Language and Literature gave his talk: Tycho Brahe –his books and his island, accompanied by music from the Renaissance by Morgentau.
Morgentau: Regine Brunke, Ingolf Lienau & Manfred Fränkel by KEH-J, 2009
On the Saturday May 9th Tom Sowden from the University of West England, Bristol – colleague of Sarah Bodman – gave his talk: Artists’ Books in the Digital Age.

Tom Sowden
Talk: Artists’ Books in the Digital Age – Doverodde Book Arts Festival, Denmark, Saturday 9th May 2009. View slideshow
 and download handout as PDF.

In the evening Marianne Josefsen the Storyteller Lady told stories to young and old, accompanied by folk music by Morgentau.

On the Sunday May 10th bookbinder and artist Monika Langwe, Sweden gave her talk: Limp Bindings from Tallinn.
Monika Langwe discussing her work with Gert Hansen by KEH-J, 2009
During the course of the 3 days several workshops and demonstrations took place.
Here pictures from some of them.

Simple Bookbinding and Decoupage Workshop with bookbinders, Marianne Lund Petersen and Anni Bentsen.

Marianne Lund Petersen and Anni Bentsen at their stand by KEH-J, 2009

Marbled Papers Workshop with bookbinder, Martin Degn Pedersen.

Martin Degn Pedersen by KEH-J, 2009

Origami Workshop with graphic designer, Gert Hansen.

Beginners Pop-Up Workshop with graphic designer and book artist Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck.

Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck teaching her workshop by KEH-J, 2009

Calligraphy Demonstration by calligrapher, Birgitte Hansen.

The Bookbinding evening class at Holstebro Activity Center had set up their own workshop area where they demonstrated how to mend old worn books using traditional equipment and demonstrating techniques of the old craft.
The Bookbinding class from Holstebro working, 2009. Photo KEH-J.

Mogens Otto Nielsen exhibition by KEH-J, 2009
Mogens Otto Nielsen
A separate exhibition of the artists’ book and book objects by Danish artist Mogens Otto Nielsen was on display from May 8- June X. During the Festival he was present himself.

Mogens has among other art forms worked with Mail Art since 1974.
Learn more about him and his work on Atmosphere Controlled.

Ø - Cherry Blossom Island Tree
Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden made a collaborative book (partly en route) for the Ø (island) exhibition at Doverodde Book Arts Festival, which is now in the collection of the Doverodde Book Arts Center at Limfjordscentret.
A short video documents the book and its journey to Denmark, made by Angie Butler, Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden: Ø – Cherry Blossom Tree Island

–an artists' book on its way to Doverodde! –can also be seen on the UWE site here.

Ø – Cherry Blossom Tree Island by A.Butler, S.Bodman & T.Sowden, 2009