Wandering Books & Limfjord Islands Book

For the 2009 Festival Kathleen Elizabeth (Liz) Hempel-Jørgensen initiated two projects.

Wandering Books
This project was based on the idea of 'Books that wander'. It began on March 23rd at 4pm, where Liz and others liberated 10 small handmade books around Denmark to by found by passersby – later 6 more where placed.
The concept being that people finding the books would read them and make their own mark of some kind in them and then pass them on either to someone else or return them to Doverodde Book Arts Center before May 1st of 2009.
The cover read: 'Wandering Book. Are you a friend of books? Take this, read it and set it free again.'
Vandrebog: Liz Hempel-Jørgensen, 2009
Book no. 1 arrived April 25, 2009
Book no. 6 arrived April 29, 2009
Book no. 4 arrived May 1, 2009 – with a poem.
Book no. 11 arrived May 5, 2009
Book no. 10 arrived May 12, 2009
Book no. 5 arrived May 19, 2009

Limfjord Islands Book
Islanders in the Limfjord were send 1-3 blank pages and asked to contribute to a unique handmade book, which would give them a voice to tell their story about aspects of life on an island – of which there are several in the Limfjord.
The completed book was then exhibited during the 2009 Festival and is now part of the permanent collection.

The contributing islands and islanders:
Mors: Else Marie Pedersen (basket weaver) and Anne-Mette Lehrskov-Smidt (artist).
Fur: Alek Krylow (artist).
Venø: Bjarne Tingkær Sørensen (Viking: Havhingsten).
Egholm: Henrik Mørch (Egholms Venner/ The Society of Friends of Egholm).
Lindholm (Boddum)–peninsular: Elly Mardal, (Local History Society).
Holmene: Jan Skriver, (nature photographer and journalist).
Jegindø: Eva Laursen (representative of the Sund family).
Livø: Kirsten and Christian Schmith, (Livø Feriecenter/Livø Holiday Centre).

The unique cover was made by wood-sculpture Tage Pedersen, Mors in a 3 mm Rio Rosewood decorated with ornamentation in gold by artist Anne-Mette Lehrskov-Smidt, Mors.