Thy Bottle-Top Badge Project

Inspired by coming to the Festival in 2009 and being given a bag of Danish bottle-tops to bring back to the UK for artist Becky Adams – to make more of her 'Bottle-top Badges' – Angie Butler came up with the idea of the 'Thy Bottle-Top Badge Project'.

Still at that point an MA student at the University of West England (Bristol, UK) Angie organised her fellow students from the Artists Book Club (ABC) and other artists to make unique badges to be donated to the Doverodde Book Arts Center to then be auctioned at the Limfjordscentret. The proceeds from the sales would then be used to purchase artists' books for the Doverodde Book Arts Center Collection, a small but growing collection thanks to donations and initiatives like this.

Over the course of a year badges began arriving to the Doverodde Book Arts Center and Angie Butler finally managed to call for two rounds of her project.
Each participant joining received a bag with a note of instructions and a badge making kit containing: 1 bottle top, 1 kilt pin and 3 split rings. The participating artist would then make a badge post it back to Angie in the bag along with 50 pence to contribute for materials costs.

It is still possible to buy some of the unique badges in the shop at the Limfjordscentret for the modest price of 150 DKK a piece. See more about the project here.

Cath Fairgrieve by KEH-J, 2010

Becky Adams by KEH-J, 2010

Becky Adams by KEH-J, 2010

Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck by KEH-J, 2010

Sue Bovington by KEH-J, 2010

Maria Bowers by KEH-J, 2010

Angie Butler by KEH-J, 2010

Kerry Day by KEH-J, 2010

Lilla Duignan by KEH-J, 2010

Cath Fairgrieve by KEH-J, 2010

Genevieve Browne by KEH-J, 2010 
Coo Geller by KEH-J, 2010

Christine Gruenwald by KEH-J, 2010

Davina Kirkpatrick by KEH-J, 2010

Viv Limebear by KEH-J, 2010
Clare Phillips by KEH-J, 2010
Alice Potter by KEH-J, 2010
Maker xx by KEH-J, 2010