Festival & Symposium 2012 – Udkant / On the margins

Udkant / On the margins, book arts exhibition 2012. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Doverodde Book Arts Festival IV & Symposium – 2012 took place May 18-20th, 2012 and like the previous years it was host to many different events: the international themed book arts exhibition 'Udkant/On the margins', workshops, music and one collected stand area where the artists could show, sell and discuss their work with visitors. Three days with a full programme.

The flyer and programme for the whole Festival 2012. By Ambeck Design, 2012

One of several new initiatives this years was the Symposium held on Saturday evening May 19th. This new addition to the Festival had attracted participants from as far away as Singapore, New York and Canada. The Symposium evening meant that all participants had a chance to come to all the talks and have an enjoyable evening together while sharing knowledge and experiences.

It has become a tradition that the Festivals begin with breakfast for all participants.

Breakfast May 18th, Limfjordscentret. Photo KEH-J, 2012
The official opening took place in Doveroddesalen as in previous years and the turn out was good.

Thylands Avis page 29, May 23, 2012.

The event was introduced by short speeches by the Director of the Limfjordscentret Karin Nikolaus, the head of the board Niels Peter Riis all mixed with classical music by the German trio from Kassel: Music in a Garden.

Music in a Garden: Regine Brunke (Violoncello), Norbert Dams (Vihuela) & Ingolf Lienau (Violin). Photo M-SDA, 2012 

Guest of Honour
The guest of honour to deliver the main opening speech this year was the Danish TV presenter Søren Ryge who was chosen for his interest in telling stories about ordinary people living in remote places. At the event he introduced his new book about the daily life of three siblings.

Søren Ryge. Photo M-SDA, 2012

After the opening refreshments were enjoyed in the spring sun.

Guests in front of Restaurant Købmandsgården. Photo M-SDA, 2012
Afterwards people could enjoy the themed exhibition: 'Udkant' / 'On the margins'. This year the exhibition contained 73 international works sent by individual artists and artist groups. All together 91 artists were involved from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil and Singapore.
Images of all the work in the exhibition can be seen here. The exhibition was open from May 17th to August 5th.

Udkant / On the margins. Photo M-SDA, 2012
The Tower
In the afternoon a small opening was held for the installation placed on the 3rd floor in the Tower. This year we had invited artist to submit a proposal with an idea of an installation and Danish artists Anita Pedersen and Gunnar Stefansson were selected. An interactive piece to develop over the summer called: 'Prayers and greetings from Denmark on the margins'. It was opened with music by Regine Brunke on Violoncello.

Opening of installation in the Tower. Photo M-SDA, 2012

By August the frame was full of greetings. Photo M-SDA

Early Friday evening the Doverodde Book Arts Center of Denmark Award was revealed during the evening buffet. The award was introduced in 2011 and is our way of acknowledging the excellent work which each year have been submitted to our themed exhibitions.
The Jury this year was art historian and researcher Nina Hobolth and artist Hanne Matthiesen both from Denmark and British writer and printmaker Nancy Campbell. They selected three works for the award.

Best interpretation of the theme: 'Udkant' by Tommelise Haldrup Pettersen, Norway. Photo M-SDA, 2012
The most classic execution: 'Existence Doubtful' by Tatiana Ginsberg, USA. Photo M-SDA, 2012
 The most experimental: 'Radiograms' by Lucas Kunz, Germany. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Each artist were awarded with a modest money prize. The only artist present at the buffet dinner was Tommelise Haldrup Pettersen who was also awarded the prize in 2011 and who had suggested the theme of 2012.

Tommelise Haldrup Pettersen receiving her diploma. Photo KEH-J, 2012

The dinner was accompanied by music.

Outdoors in the garden – Regine Brunke and Ingolf Lienau. Photo M-SDA, 2012

–and indoors by Norbert Dams. Photo KEH-J, 2012

Book Art by Night
Another new initiative for 2012 was Book Arts by Night where the exhibition and all the stands were kept open till 11pm. The evening begun with a talk in Danish for the public with the guest of honour: Søren Ryge titled 'Stories from Denmark'.

The ticket for the event. By Ambeck Design, 2012

Image from the event. Photo KEH-J, 2012

While the talk took place the stand area was active with artists at their stands and visitors dropping in.

Anne Bossenbroek Bouchard (NL) at her stand. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Hilary Judd (UK) showing her work to artist Doug Beube (USA). Photo M-SDA, 2012

Sylvia Waltering from Battenburg Press, Manchester, UK presenting work by the MADE group and others. Photo M-SDA, 2012

An evening where the conversation table was in good use. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Jazz Lunch
Saturday lunchtime Dover Djazz played – an experienced group of musicians put together especially for the occasion (Bent Christensen (trombone), Jens Jørgen Sørensen (saxophone), Lars Peter Høje Kristensen (vibraphone), Oluf Jørgensen (piano), Jørgen Degn (contrabass), Kristian Høje Kristensen (drums).)

Dover Djazz poster. By Ambeck Design, 2012

Dover Djazz playing in Doveroddesalen. Photo KEH-J, 2012

– and so were the handcrafted clay tickets, made by local ceramicist Jane Højer-Kristensen.

Jane Højer-Kristensen with badges fresh from the kiln. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Apple shaped Jazz badges. Photo Nancy Campbell, 2012

Stand Area
During the weekend the local press came and visited the stand area, which was busy with some artists producing work at their stands.

Thisted Dagblad page 6, May 19th, 2012.
Thisted Dagblad page 7, May 19th, 2012.

Gert Hansen (DK) made this piece of origami over the weekend, which he donated to our collection. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Vegetarian dinner in the Book Café. Photo M-SDA, 2012

At the end of the day everyone enjoyed dinner together in the Book Café made for the Festival. Usually done by Lena Hansen, but due to a sudden bereavement it was done by Liz Hempel-Jørgensen and Anne Mette. After dinner the Symposium would take place in the adjacent room.

Artists' Books Anonymous: On the margins was the title of the Symposium. Below is the appendix with each of the speakers papers.

We were very fortunate to get speakers from all parts of the world. Our Keynote speakers were Maureen Piggins & Ewa Zebrowski both from Canada.

Maureen Piggins & Ewa Monika Zebrowski at the podium. Photo KEH-J, 2012

They were followed by the next double act: Sylvia Waltering & Lucy May Schofield both from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK speaking about 'Surplus to Requirements' a collaborative publication made by two collective groups and their respond to the Herbarium at Manchester Museum.

Lucy May Schofield and Sylvia Waltering. Photo M-SDA, 2012
Speaker no. 2 was Tatiana Ginsberg from Massachusetts, USA talking about the magic of paper making.

Tatiana Ginsberg. Photo KEH-J, 2012

Speaker no. 3 was Doug Beube, New York introducing us to his sculptural book works.

Doug Beube showing us Vest of Knowledge – a comment on suicide-bomb jackets. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Our final speaker was Jesvin Yeo from Singapore who took us though her work with typography theory and how this can be combined with artists' book structures.

Jesvin Puayhwa Yeo. Photo M-SDA, 2012

By the end of the evening we were all enlightened by new knowledge gained.

The whole centre was gloving. Photo Nancy Campbell, 2012

Over the three days lots of workshops took place in the creative workshop area.

Hanne Mahler (DK)
–made animal cards.

Animal cards by Hanne Mahler (DK). Photo M-SDA, 2012

Hilary Judd (UK)
–made pop-up animals

Pop-Up animals with Hilary Judd (UK). Photo KEH-J, 2012
Animals by Hilary Judd. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Sylvia Waltering and Lucy May Schofield (UK)
–made soft-back concertina books.

Soft-back concertina books with Lucy May Schofield. Photo KEH-J, 2012

Soft-back concertina books with Sylvia Waltering. Photo KEH-J, 2012

Anne Bossenbroek Bouchard (NL)
– made Tunnelbooks.

Tunnelbook with Anne Bossenbroek Bouchard. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Arne Holstborg
On Sunday afternoon after the stand area had closed Danish Woven-hearts specialist Arne Holstborg held a workshop showing us new designs and tricks to this old traditional Danish craft of paper cutting and paper weaving. During the Festival and until June 24th his hearts could be seen on the walls of the upper gallery.

Arne Holstborg teaching with his hearts behind him. Photo KEH-J, 2012
Hearts made during the workshop. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Special Exhibitions
After the end of the Festival two special exhibition were put in place until June 24th, 2012.

Anne Bossenbroek Bouchard
PAPER...folded, bound, sent...
A selection of her book, paper, rubber stamp and mail art work including new work for this exhibition. More images here.

Exhibition by Anne Bossenbroek Bouchard. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Nancy Campbell
Limfjord Lines
An exhibition of some of the writing done during her month residency at the Limfjordscentret. Read more on Nancy's stay here.

Limfjord Lines by Nancy Campbell. Photo M-SDA, 2012

As in 2011, Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck was in charge of the complete design of the catalogue for the Festival. We were thankful to get support from the Danish Arts Council for the printing of this.

Catalogue by Ambeck Design, 2012

Public Voice
A small experiment for the 2012 exhibition was placing ballot boxes in the exhibition and asking the visitors: 'Which piece in the book arts exhibition is your favourite?'

Ballot box with pen & paper. Photo M-SDA, 2012
Once the exhibition finished on August 5th the votes from the public was counted and the winner was: 'På Kanten' / 'On edge' by Inger Mønster Marker (DK).

Inger Mønster Marker: 'På kanten' / 'On edge', 2012. Photo M-SDA, 2012

Here is a list of the votes, to the right the number of votes given:

Many more images available on our Flickr account.

Photo M-SDA, 2012