One-day workshop 2010

Piano Hinge Binding –demonstration copy by Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck, 2010.
On Thursday May 13th, 2010 the first one-day workshop was held as part of the Doverodde Book Arts Festival 2010. The day began with a guided walk by nature guide Søren Kiel who took the group to nearby Ydby Heath where he spoke about the history of the area and its wildlife and plants.
Nature walk Ydby Heath by M-SDA, 2010.
Time to sketch and take notes by KEH-J, 2010.

Bodil Molich smelling the urine of ants by M-SDA, 2010.

Nature guide Søren Kiel showing frogs in the water by M-SDA, 2010.

Frog on boot by KEH-J, 2010.

...time for reflection. By KEH-J, 2010.

Workshop in progress. By KEH-J, 2010
Eva Nelander-Juntunen working by KEH-J, 201

Using natures own materials from the walk. By KEH-J, 2010.

...and stories told. Imi Maufe making rubber ant stamp. By KEH-J, 2010.

Around mid-day the group returned to the Limfjordscentret to begin processing the experience and transforming it into a book. Designer and book artist Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck then took the group through the technique of the Piano Hinge Binding originally devised by Hedi Kyle, USA.