Nature & Book Art – one-day workshop

Concertina flag-book with hard cover by Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck, 2011.
On Thursday June 2nd 2011, the second one-day workshop took place at the Limfjordscentret as part of the third Doverodde Book Arts Festival 2011. The day began with a guided walk on nearby Ydby Heath led by experienced nature guide Søren Kiel. On location he showed the group the local fauna and wild life present on this mild day.

Søren Kiel showing a root to the group, 2011. Photo M-SDA.

Søren Kiel showing plants to Anne Bossenbroek-Bouchard, 2011. Photo M-SDA.

A wild orchid in the field. Photo M-SDA, 2011.

The group admiring the orchids. Photo M-SDA, 2011. 

Søren letting the group taste leaves. Taste like peas. Photos M-SDA, 2011.

Nancy Campbell and Anne Bossenbroek-Bouchard sketching. Photo M-SDA, 2011.

By the Limfjord. Photo M-SDA, 2011.

Enjoying the view and stories by Søren. Photo M-SDA, 2011.

At mid-day the group returned to the Limfjordscentret to enjoy their lunch. Afterwards designer and book artist Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck began her bookbinding workshop on how to make concertina flag-book using five-hole pamphlet sewing incorporating elements and experiences from the tour on the heath.

Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck teaching the group. Photo KEH-J 2011.
Bodil Molich at work. Photo KEH-J 2011.
Book in the process. Photo KEH-J 2011.
Fake embossed cover with duck. Photo KEH-J 2011. 
Jenny Holm Hvid in the process of finishing off her book. Photo KEH-J 2011.
Concentration. Photo KEH-J 2011.

A finished result by Anne Bossenbroek-Bouchard. Photo M-SDA, 2011.